Zero Kcal x Kalamare

Zero Kcal x Kalamare is a drink brand and pearl milk tea of Khun Kalamer Patcharasri Benjamas. Zero Kcal x Kalamare is different from other drinks as a healthy drink that focuses on low calorie. The raw material used does not contain trans-fat, does not use sugar and does not contain syrup. But focuses on using natural ingredients instead, whether organic honey, stevia, organic coffee, while the fruit used in the smoothie menu is fresh fruit, not syrup. The pearls in the pearl milk tea menu are made from red algae which is an antioxidant, does not contain tapioca starch. Therefore, suitable for people who want to control weight or are afraid of obesity. In each menu there will be numbers of calories indicated. Kalamare said that if she will do anything, must be a good quality product and importantly, the taste is important. Customers can be confident that the Zero Kcal drink is already #tasty, not broken# which matches the Ulysse Nardin replica brand's slogan.