Dairy Queen

In 1940, Joliet, Illinois, United States of America, with a passion for ice cream, one of J F McKuluge, who never stopped tasting ice cream. He tried to find the most delicious taste and found that ice cream tastes better if it has a soft, smooth texture. Unlike frozen ice cream in general stores at all invent unique ice cream recipes. Until resulting in a soft, creamy, milk-flavored ice cream and has been dubbed Queen of dairy products or "Dairy Queen" itself.

Blizzard Oreo Ice Cream Soft Serve Vanilla Blended with Oreo Enjoy with smooth ice cream. And chew and enjoy the full Oreo cookies

Chocolate Bliss Extreme Ice Cream Soft Serve Vanilla Blended with chocolate brownie sauce and chocolate chips. Enjoy the smooth texture of chocolate ice cream and packed with combos Strawberry Sundae Ice Cream Ice Cream Soft Serve Vanilla, 3 flavors of chocolate, pineapple, strawberry and banana, full delicious.

3 Ball Cone Ice Cream Ice Cream Soft Serve Vanilla Coated with 3 balls chocolate dip in the form of a delicious cone to the very end.

Happy Birthday Day Ice Cream Cake delicious to the inside with 2 flavors of ice cream, chocolate and vanilla, sandwiched between cookies and chocolate fudge, decorate the cake with white chocolate and fancy sugar. Whom gets to be happy.

Cheese and Chili Dog Warm Hot Dog from good quality sausages, comes with cheese on sausage, with chili chicken sauce sent directly from Mexico. Add deliciousness with spices and chicken. Delicious and full of deliciousness