GUGU Chicken

We have been able to grow to 30 branches despite the Covid-19 crisis and several competitors in the market. We have overcome these obstacles with our commitment, integrity, and attention to detail.

Our ingredients and seasonings are carefully selected with most imported directly from South Korea. We have stayed true to the authentic way of preparing Korean fried chicken.  Our great taste begins with “Yeom Ji” which involves infusing the chicken meat in our own base marinade.  Our chicken is fried fresh to order, with six tasty flavors to choose from and every order topped with fried rice cakes specially imported from Korea.  We have also added popular street food items into our menu for our customers to enjoy without having to go to Korea.

We proudly take the authentic avors to a new level of deliciousness.

Did you know... We put a lot of thought into our name?

To Korean people, "GUGU" sounds like a chicken crowing.

"GU" (구) in Korean means the number 9 - we like the number

because it sounds like "เก้า (Kao)" in Thai, which means "progress"


GUGU Chicken